Other Lonergan Sites

Below is a list as of August 2011 of currently active sites

Bernard Lonergan … vida, obra, reception, Chile  fostering communication and collaboration among Lonergan scholars in the South American context

Bernard J. Lonergan Institute, Seton Hall University,  USA South Orange, NJ serving as a Lonergan research center, with substantial amounts of primary and secondary Lonergan materials available; sponsoring periodic lectures, programs, and conferences (e.g., Lonergan and Economics) centered on Lonergan’s work; organizing faculty and student reading groups

Washington Institute, (The Lonergan Institute for the “Good under Construction”) USA Washington, DC  helping people learn theology; using Lonergan to address current social and cultural issues; studying educational strategies from kindergarten through graduate school.  Has forums on Insight, Newman, Voegelin,  and Trinity