2015 Australian Lonergan Workshop

The Human Good and You

1-3 May, 2015

St Mary’s College, The University of Melbourne

                       871 Swanson St , Parkville

The structure of the human good (Method in Theology p 48) provides a grasp of Lonergan’s existential ethics as a position to subvert counter the contemporary counter positions which undermine authentic subjectivity.

We gather biennially

(1) to strengthen and develop our own grasp of Lonergan’s work,

(2) to share ways in which it is being implemented in our own contexts,

(3) to dispose ourselves to be used by God to draw on Lonergan’s work for good

 (The first Workshop in 1985 was entitled Lonergan and You)


7.00-9.00 pm   Welcome:                                                                                                                         Rev Dr Stephen Ames

Inaugural ‘Tom Daly Oration’                                                                                                  Dr John Little



8.30am     Small group discussions with a view to questions for author, Pat Byrne

                    The Ethics of Discernment: Lonergan’s Foundations for Ethics

Chapter 11 What is Brought About by Doing That? The Human Good Described

Chapter 12 The Human Good: Explanatory Foundations                                     

9.30am      Questions and discussion with Pat Byrne via Skype (Boston 7.30 pm Friday)

11.00am     Morning Tea

11.30am     Lonergan Reading and Discussion: “The Subject” in Second Collection (1968)

12.30           Lunch

1.30 pm     Workshops

Getting Lonergan Into Secondary Education                                   Conn O’Donovan, Jennie Hickey

Conversation on the National Curriculum                                                                            Geoff Brodie

3.45 pm     Afternoon Tea

4.15 pm     ‘The Human Good’ – presentation and discussion                                                                     Tom Halloran

5.00 pm     Refreshments

7.00pm       Dinner: Trotters (400 Lygon Street, Carlton VIC 3053)


8.00am     Worship

8.30am     Breakfast

9.30am     Lonergan Reading and Discussion: The Mystical Body of Christ CWL 20: 16

10.00am   Reports from the field – using Lonergan in our work (plenary); so please come prepared

11.00am     Morning Tea

11.30am   Presentations (2 x 20 + 10)

The Truncated Subject: Two Examples                                                                                      Matthew Ogilvie

Reading Insight: The subject’s capacity for performance – making progress.                        Sean McNelis

12.30pm Lunch

1.30pm    Review of the Conference

2.30pm    Depart


Full workshop: $210; concession (for student/unemployed): $180

For single day participants: $120; concession (for student/unemployed):$100

Additional optional charges: Workshop dinner (Saturday evening): $50

For more information contact us at: alwcommittee@fastmail.com.au
or Tom Halloran +61 410 643 913 or tom@polymedia.com.au