2013 Australian Lonergan Workshop

From Polarisation to Collaboration

Friday May 24 – Sunday May 26, 2013
Thomas Carr Centre, 278 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne

“Personal relations… bind a community together, or divide it into factions, or tear it apart.” (Method p.51)

“Method… is a framework for collaborative creativity.” (Method p.xi)

“Doing method fundamentally is distinguishing different tasks, and thereby eliminating totalitarian ambitions.” (Second Collection p.213)

Saturday May 25th

8.30 Registration

9.00 Welcome

9.15 Lonergan on Collaboration

Video: Mike Shute – For what problem is Functional Collaboration the Solution? (45 min)

Discussion – what questions do we want to ask? (20 min)

Mike Shute answering questions via Skype (40 min)

11.30 Presentation:

 A world in conflict Presenter: John Boyd Turner (30 min) Discussion and questions (15 min)

12.15 Afternoon workshops: brief overviews

1.30 Workshops (conducted simultaneously)
Workshop 1: Education – led by Brett Rangiira, Geoff Brodie and Con O’Donovan

Workshop 2: From conflict to peace – led by John Boyd Turner

Workshop 3: Business – led by John Little

Workshop 4: Functional Collaboration – led by Sean McNelis

3.00 Afternoon Tea

3.30 Group discussion of a Lonergan text
Self-transcendence: Intellectual, Moral and Religious CWL 17, Chapter 17

4.45 What is happening in Lonergan Studies in Australia? (Maximum 10 min per person)

5.45 Close

7.00 Dinner:

Sunday May 26th

8.00 Eucharistic Liturgy

8.45 Continental Breakfast

9.30 Group discussion of Lonergan text
Dialectic: The Structure (Method in Theology – p.249-250) (Background reading: Chapter 5)

10.45 Morning tea

11.15 Collaboration with God
Presenter: Chris Jacobs-Vandergeer: Collaboration and Grace? (30 min) Discussion and questions (45 min)

12.30 Lunch

1.30 2.15 3.00

Comments and Concerns: discussion on ALW2013 and proposals for ALW2015 (45 min)

Commitments and Collaboration: where to from here? (45 min)

Close and Afternoon T ea