Workshops 1985 – 2013

The objectives of the workshop as we gather biennially are these:
(1) to strengthen and develop our own grasp of Lonergan’s work,
(2) to share ways in which it is being implemented in our own contexts,
(3) to dispose ourselves to the ultimate judgments of history and divine providence.

The workshops are designed for people who have found or suspect Lonergan’s work to be helpful within the horizon of their interests. The workshops provide an opportunity to meet, discuss, and encourage each other in furthering their grasp of Lonergan’s achievement and collaborate in strategies for handing on this legacy. The workshops could be said to be a “mutual mediating of meaning and value”.

The inaugural workshop was held in 1985 at St. Ignatius College, Riverview in Sydney.  Since then workshops addressing a number of different themes have been held regularly—every two years—in  Sydney or Melbourne and we have been graced with some searching and insightful papers.  With less regularity, from time to time, a selection of the workshop papers has been published.

The workshop complements the intentions of the Lonergan Centre of Sydney which includes the “Lonergan Library”. In 2012 the library was moved to the Catholic Institute of Sydney and maintains its integral unity as the Canisius Lonergan Collection. This small specialized collection holds all Lonergan’s published works, a number of his unpublished writings and a number of secondary sources on Lonergan, or used by Lonergan in his own work.